I'm on a mission to illuminate the beauty of Ayurveda, a timeless, universal wisdom, empowering you to live in full awareness.

About me

As a child (and even today as an adult), I’ve always been curious about how our world works, constantly looking for the moon in the night sky, just trying to figure it all out while simultaneously being in awe of everything. 

I’ve always wanted to understand myself in a deeper way. Why am I here? Why am I placed where I am? My curiosity fueled my desire to keep seeking and asking questions. 

As there are seasons in nature, there are also seasons in life, I lost my father, very suddenly and unexpectedly while I was in my early 20s. He was very lean and active but suffered from a massive heart attack in his 50s. This major life event got me very curious, as I always thought those with heart disease had to be overweight and live a non-active lifestyle.  

I've always been on a quest to live a deeply meaningful life.

This made me think about how to take care of myself in a more meaningful way, especially as I got older and had kids of my own. I wanted to prolong my life as much as I possibly could while being in optimum health as I age.  

Everything that came across my path was a one size fits all approach, which worked for a short period of time, but didn’t create any lasting, beneficial change. I wanted to know what should I really be eating for true health beyond counting calories and macros. How can I move through my day in a joyful yet efficient manner without being stressed out with the demands of my corporate career and my kids? How can I create my day so I felt aligned from a spiritual perspective, moving through my day with purpose?

It got me thinking about true health, beyond how one’s physical body looked. 

“Awareness is life.
Life is awareness.
There is no other way to be.”


Once I started learning and living my life according to the principles of Ayurveda, I felt that I understood myself in a much deeper way, what I was longing for from the beginning. It provided me with a sense of awareness and honestly gave me my own personalized user manual for life. I knew what foods nourished me, what lifestyle practices rejuvenated me, and how to be in alignment with everything around me. 

I am grateful Ayurveda came across my path as I truly understood the science of me through the science of life. I wanted to share this timeless yet practical wisdom with as many people as I could. I went all in. I quit my corporate career of 15+ years and enrolled at the California College of Ayurveda to formally learn the science. 
Once you understand the science of you, you’ll ignite a sense of awareness that is already within and you’ll recognize how to achieve and maintain optimum health while living in harmony with the laws of nature. 

I welcome you and look forward to sharing this path of awareness with you.


That’s when Ayurveda entered my life. I genuinely feel Ayurveda found me. 

California College of Ayurveda:
Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner

California College of Ayurveda:
Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist

VedaWise with Laura Plumb:
Ayurvedic Nutrition Coach (level 1 and 2)

Yoga Education Collective:
Certified Pranayama Teacher

International Integrative Education Institute:
Holistic Nutrition Certification with KP Khalsa

San Jose State University:
B.S Business Administration, Marketing
(just an FYI while I was in the corporate world)

Education / Certifications

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The Nine Practices  ?

First, we'll evaluate your present inner and outer environment. Then, we'll start to apply the Nine Practices to restore balance, aiming to create sustainable and empowering practices that revitalize and elevate you. 

By the end of our journey, my hope is that you will feel motivated to share The Nine Practices and preserve the Tradition of Being Well.